Slidebean Financial Model Template

This spreadsheet is the financial model Slidebean has used for 5+ years to manage our (profitable) operation. It was developed by Caya, our CEO, in cooperation with our investors at Carao Ventures, and has evolved time and time again to become the backbone of our operations management.

You can get access to our Financial Model template here

We’d love to hear your thoughts and make this a space where we help out each other. Feel free to chime in.


I’m working through the SaaS financial for the first time and noticed in the SG&A tab that most of the column D items are “0” and the cells don’t reference anything. Example: in the Tech Support & Services section there is a Slidebean All-Access row (nice touch, I like it). I believe in the blue column I put in that expense amount. I would then assume that the columns to the right would populate. However non of the monthly columns fill. I can fill in the first months cell and then the rest of the months fill.
Let me know if I’m going about this wrong. also let me know if this is too detailed, in the weeds question. I’m sure I’ll come up with more questions as I continue to work through this. Thank you and keep up the great work!

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Hey Chuck!

It seems what you are looking at is the month #1 in the model, if you look at cell “D:202” and downwards, the reason you see them as value “0” is because those are meant to be manual inputs into the sheet for it to carry it to the following months since they are placeholders for variables of your choice, you can find more information about how to read all data labels on the “Intro Tab” where we have detailed the color-coding of each cell as well as inter specific details you might find useful.

Hope this is of help, and in case you have further questions please let us know.


In the financial model spreadsheet.

I noticed on the Projections tab in the Revenue->Brand Awareness Budget section it says that these numbers (ex. Starting Budget, Monthly Marketing Budget Increase, Max Marketing Budget) will be used in the SG&A sheet. They are not. These cells aren’t being leveraged anywhere (I did the excel->Trace Precedents & Trace Dependents just to make sure. I also searched the google sheets version)

I’d like to get the Marketing Budget numbers to work. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix for this?

Thanks for the heads up on this @cs0001.
Confirmed the error on my side and pushed an update.
You can use the link in your email/your dashboard to generate a new model with the fixed formula.

Alternatively, you can paste this formula on cell D232 on the SG&A Sheet.


Hey guys,

I noticed something that caught my attention in the SaaS model and I would love your help to understand.

In the projections tab, when you enable outbound sales and put the deals closed per month = 0, what happens in the revenue tab is that the agents are still closing deals and bringing revenue. In fact, I what is the contribution of that cell? (number of deals closed per month per agent)

Is this supposed to happen? If yes, can you tell me why?

Thanks for what you are doing, you guys rock!

Hi Jorge- you are absolutely right. This seems to have been a bug on our sheet.
We’ve pushed a fix to the model, so you can generate a new one and it will have the fixed version.

Alternatively, you can replace the formula for cell D224 for this one (assuming that you haven’t made changes to the structure of the model):

You can then stretch/drag that formula for the rest of the row.


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He Caya, thanks for the wonderful template.

I noticed two issues while working on the “FS-Month” & “WK+CAPEX” sheets.

Row 76 - At “Retained earnings” of “Total Assets”, the formula is =SUM(B75:B760-C96). But C96 is blank.

Row 62 - At “DEPRECIATION & AMORTIZATION”, the formula is SUM(D57-D61). Why is D56 (Computers) not included?

Can you please help me with this?

Hello, Hasan.

If you have run into an issue with the template, we need to submit it to the analysts’ team for further review. We need you to please send us a screen recording detailing the steps you’re taking, the results you get, and all details about the problem. Also, please share the link to the file in Google Sheets (or the Excel file).

Please note that a response from the team can take up to 1 week from the moment we receive the evidence.

In case you’d like a 1:1 consulting session to get help with this and any other issue or question, you can book our experts for a fee here

Thank you.