SaaS Financial Model - Cash Infusion -> Assumptions and Cap Table

Hello. I purchased the SaaS model and I am not sure if the following is a bug or a feature: in Cap Table I have edited the values so that the company would have gotten a cash intake. However, the FS Month sheet doesn’t show anything and refers to assumption, to hidden rows, which, when I edit them, cause a #REF error. Do I make something totally wrong or is it part of an older model?

Hi there- not sure what happened there. We would probably have to look at the model to find the root cause of the problem.

Some ideas that might help,

  • Inputs for capital injections are made from the Projections/Assumptions sheet.
  • Revert back to the original version of the model to see if the same error appears (you can generate a new one from the link in your email).

We don’t have any bugs reported on either of those sheets. If you’d still like us to look at it, you can book a session with our team here:

(If the problem was indeed caused by a bug on our side, we’ll refund the session cost).