Issue with eCommerce Financial Model Not Populating Website Sales

Hey everyone!

I’m having an issue with the eCommerce Financial Model. It’s not populating the Website Sales even though I have it selected as active.

Here’s a quick loom video with my current setup:

Thanks for any help given.

Patrick Skinner

Hi Patrick- I took a look at the model you generated (we keep a copy in our database). I’m assuming that you haven’t made any changes to formulas.

You have set the model to start in the year 2020 (on the Settings Sheet). When you enabled e-commerce, you set your sales to start in 2022 (in the Projections Sheet).

The screen you showed on the Revenue sheet only shows the portion of the model for year 2020. If you scroll to the right, you’ll see how the model starts to show revenue in July 2022, as expected.

I’m looking specifically under website sales:

On the tutorial, there’s:

-Organic Traffic:
-Paid Traffic

Active Users:

Look at the screenshot above and you’ll see it’s not on my sheet despite being enabled.

Here’s a loom video detailing what I’m missing:

thanks my issue has been fixed.