About the Financial Models category

You have one job as company founder and/or CEO: don’t run out of money. Having predictable revenue and using that information for business decisions is critical: it allows you to calculate your runway, to estimate how fast you can scale and deploy your efforts faster.

Some time ago, we published our own financial model as a template, the spreadsheet that Slidebean has used for 5+ years to manage our (profitable) operation. And it became very popular.

As we developed other templates for different business models, more and more companies are now using our financial models, and we want to make our best to help a bit further.

But making custom adjustments to the template and really making it yours is the trick. It does require spreadsheet knowledge and having the right data. We’d love to offer assistance to all of the customers who use our templates, but the consulting can be costly for some early-stage companies. We know it first hand.

That’s why we want to open up this space and welcome everyone in this process to ask their questions and help with their answers. We’ll make our best to keep it clean and offer as much guidance as we can, but feel free to take over.